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A woman in aquamarine water with a Golden Retriever.There are times when you just cannot part with your lovable pet and want to take him or her with you will on vacation. You may even be moving to St. Croix and will be bringing your cat or dog with you. St. Croix is a very friendly place for your pet and several hotels, villas and condos offer pet friendly accommodations.

The Virgin Islands does not have any quarantine requirements. Pets traveling to the United States mainland from the Virgin Islands also will not require quarantine.

All dogs and cats upon entering the Virgin Islands shall be accompanied by an official health certificate stating that the animal did not originate from an area quarantined for rabies. All dogs and cats must have been vaccinated for rabies within 6 months prior to the date of shipment except those dogs and cats less than 8 weeks old. The certificate of vaccination for rabies must be attached to the official health certificate.

No livestock, poultry, birds or other animals that are affected with or have been exposed to an infectious, contagious, communicable disease, or ectoparasites or which originated in an area quarantined by a territory, State, or the Federal Government because of such disease or parasites shall be permitted to be introduced into the Virgin Islands except with a permit issued by the Office of the Commissioner of Agriculture of the Virgin Islands.

Importation of Unvaccinated Dogs and Cats

Dogs not accompanied by proof of rabies vaccination, including those that are too young to be vaccinated (i.e. less than 3 months of age), may be admitted if the importer completes a confinement agreement and confines the animal until it is considered adequately vaccinated against rabies (the vaccine is not considered effective until 30 days after the date of vaccination).

A cat on a tropical beach under a palm tree.

Pet Import Permits

Some animals require import permits, these include but are not limited to birds, ferrets and sugar gliders. You are required to submit an application ($15 fee) to the Department of Agriculture; the application must also be approved by the Division of Fish and Wildlife. The process can take a week to two weeks. Contact the Department of Agriculture at (340)774-5182 for more information and to request the application forms.

Do to public health and environmental concerns importing pet snakes or Monkeys into the territory is not allowed. This includes all types of snakes. Monkeys and other nonhuman primates (NHP) may not be imported as pets under any circumstances.

Pet Health and Veterinary Services

Heartworm can be a frequent problem for pets; as a precaution, have your pet on preventative medication the entire year. A good idea is to have your pet on preventative heartworm medication before coming to the Virgin Islands. Cats can also get heartworm, so protect them as well. Ticks and fleas can also be a problem and with our warm climate they are around year round.

The islands are welcoming to animals but can be more stressful on your pets overall health than on the mainland. The warm, humid weather makes worms more likely. Be sure to have plenty of fresh water for your animals. While it seems like a natural to let your dog or cat run free outside, the island can be a dangerous place for your pet. Cars, other dogs and cats, centipedes and poisonous frogs, among other things, can add to the danger. If you are bringing you pet to St. Croix, take the necessary precautions to help insure your pets safety. St. Croix has several place offing veterinary services for your pet. That way, your pets will live a long and happy life on St. Croix!

A cat peeks out from palm fronds.

St Croix Animal Welfare Center logo.
340-778-1650 - Clifton Hill, St. Croix -

Pets From Paradise - 340-778-1650 - Their hearts are in our hands.

Island Animal Clinic - 340-718-3106 - 5 Corners Commercial Park

Sugar Mill Veterinary Center - 340-718-0002 - 4220 La Grande Princesse

St. Croix Animal Welfare Center

TLC Pet Supply - 340-713-7555

Superior Pet & Supply Center - 340-718-6661


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